An Unlikely Quartet
The Adventure Begins!

Our story begins in Dinas Gaerog, the walled capital of Solaras.

In the main streets leading up to the castle, all was calm. The morning sun shone down and warmed the cobblestones as vendors hawked their wares, foods and produce and trinkets alike. Mules pulled carts overloaded with goods, and humans from all walks of life did their morning shopping. In an instant, the calm was shattered, broken by a swarm of people clamoring towards the castle. A riot had begun, with countless commoners demanding entry to the castle now, or else they would take it by force. Those affected by Achiel’s plague were overwhelming the guards, with a group of commoners resorting to violence before any negotiations could begin. In the undulating swarm of bodies, our adventurers met.

Acting decisively, four people stood apart from the crowd and fought against the aggressive rioters. This group was made up of Dagon Leucis, a tiefling warlock; Tanuk-Tanuk Tun, a tengu monk; Sanye Thesst, a vishkanya bard; and Iimix, a giant newt who seemed to act as a cleric. With their combined skills, they subdued the commoners and the thug that had riled them, leaving them to be taken away by the guard and dealt with appropriately. Two guards who had been keeping bystanders away from the melee stepped forward, offering to pay the vigilantes in all the mead they could drink for their help.

The adventurers agreed, and come nightfall found themselves in one of the commonfolk’s favourite taverns in Dinas Gaerog, The Milkmaid. Inside, they spotted a noticeboard, full of postings and contracts for any skilled combatants to take up. Deciding then to help the town together, the adventurers took up the notices and rested for the night, ready to take on their first contract come morn.

At daybreak, they set out on their first quest: to find the missing son of a farmer outside of Dinas Gaerog’s walls. Their only clue was a green feather, left on the ground where the boy had last been standing. After some searching, the adventurers came to the conclusion that this was the work of a cockatrice, and set off to find it. The search led them up a rocky escarpment and into a narrow canyon, in which the cockatrice had made its nest, with its mate at its side. Our brave adventurers quickly dispatched the beasts and searched for the boy, but found only bones. Saddened, the adventurers brought the heads of the cockatrices back to the childless father, and parted with the meager reward the poor widower could spare to give.

Once back within the city walls, the party set out on their next quests — Dagon seeking a mysterious templar order, while Tanuk sought a cartographer who might know the fate of his people, whom had disappeared from his hometown. Dagon’s search led him to the Shrine of Helm in the Temple District, led by the High Watcher, Aled. The two built a decent rapport, up until Dagon asserted that it was Aled’s order who committed a crime against the fishing village of Insmouth. Aled was briefly enraged, but the tiefling managed to pacify him, and the Watcher restated that he knew nothing. As such, Dagon left the temple, empty handed and frustrated.

Meanwhile, Tanuk had found his cartographer, an elderly elf called Aleppi Tiir. The elf had indeed drawn the map of the world, having visited much of it in his long life, and had heard of the disappearance of Talonos. Unfortunately, he knew not what had happened to its residents, and the tengu departed.

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