High Watcher Aled

Temple Leader at the Shrine of Helm in Dinas Gaerog, Solaras


STR 16
DEX 11
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 13
CHA 10

AC 16 (Breastplate, Shield)
PP 13
HP 58
Athletics +5, Perception +2, Religion +4

Longsword: + 5 to hit, 1d8+3 or 1d10+3 slashing (Versatile)
Shortsword: + 5 to hit, 1d6+3 piercing
Heavy Crossbow: + 3 to hit, 1d10+1 piercing

DC 13
To Hit +5
Cantrips: Light, Thaumaturgy, Guidance
1st Level: Sanctuary, Shield of Faith
2nd Level: Spiritual Weapon, Warding Bond
3rd Level: Spirit Guardians, Dispel Magic



Aled is a large, white-haired man with a beard, clearly well into middle age. With that said, he remains athletic and powerful-looking, with a thick midsection and solid arms. In his younger years, perhaps he was a paladin, fighting for good in the name of his god. But now, he is the High Watcher of Helm, working at the shrine in the capital city of Solaras, Dinas Gaerog.

The old Watcher wears a white linen robe with silver silk patterns on the hems, embroidered with blue thread. Beneath is a simple white shirt and pants, with tan leather boots that reach to his mid-calves. Above his robes, Aled wears ceremonial gold-plated pauldrons and a small chest and back plate, connected to the pauldrons by fine chains. On his right hand is a gold-plated gauntlet, with the symbol of Helm etched into it.


You do not yet know Aled well enough to know his history.


The Adventurers met High Watcher Aled during Dagon’s search for ‘Templars,’ mysterious men who he fervently seeks. In the Shrine of Helm, Dagon was first met by a pair of young acolytes, who directed the tiefling to their leader. Aled greeted Dagon happily, albeit somewhat warily, and offered to answer whatever questions he could. When pressed about the destruction of Insmouth, Aled grew somewhat irate, offended by Dagon’s implication that Helm’s worshippers had anything to do with it, until the warlock pacified him. The High Watcher was soothed, for the time, and stated again that he knew no more than anyone else what happened to the fishing village from Dagon’s childhood. With the meeting coming to a dead end, a frustrated Dagon left the office, convinced that the High Watcher was lying to him.


Dagon Leucis
The tiefling who sought answers about the destruction of Insmouth. Seems to look down on his infernal heritage, but perhaps this makes him all the friendlier with Dagon after hearing about his work in a monastery. Doesn’t yet know well enough to form an opinion.

Sanye Thesst
Accompanied Dagon. Doesn’t yet know well enough to form an opinion.

Accompanied Dagon. Somewhat repulsed by. Doesn’t yet know well enough to form an opinion.

High Watcher Aled

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